DJ’s and MC

Precision Entertainment DJ’s have the experience and professional training to make your day something truly special.

Precision Entertainment DJ’s and MC’s are not just talented; they are some of the most professional entertainers in the Valley. With Professional Training and Experience, You can count on them to set the perfect mood at your event.

What About Special Requests?

All of our DJ’s are trained to take and play request’s. It guarantees to maximize the fun at your event

for all your guests.

What About Those Obnoxious DJ’s Who Never Stop Talking?

With Precision Entertainment, You will never have to worry about intrusive or obnoxious DJ’s . We believe in tasteful audience interaction and we will never overwhelm your guests with endless or unneeded DJ microphone chatter.

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Lighting – Party Lights, Uplighting, Monograms, & More!

Imagine the Perfect Mood

Lighting makes a huge difference at a wedding. It creates a mood and showcases everything from your centerpieces to your cake. Our special lighting will enhance your reception venue, hiding any flaws and dramatically highlighting its architectural features.

Focus Attention on You, your Flowers and Cake

From the moment your guests enter, we will capture their imagination and focus their attention on the elements that are important to you – the flowers, the cake, your first dance.

“The Look” for a Fraction of the Cost

For a fraction of the cost of extra flowers, favors, or other types of decorations you can add the elegance and impact of painting with light to your wedding. Lighting not only works well during the entire event but it allows your flowers and other decorations to shine later on in the evening.

Make Your Wedding Pictures….Magical!

Our dramatic lighting will turn ordinary wedding pictures into magically dramatic masterpieces! Everyone looks better with the perfect lighting, and even ordinary candid’s during dancing turn into remarkably dramatic photographs with our special lighting effects. And later in the evening, when it grows dark, your guests will notice the amazing transformation in your room and continually comment on how much it adds to your reception.

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Photo Booth

Why Pick our Booths?…. Our Photo Booths Look Better!

With 4 photo booths to choose from, We guarantee to make this the hottest addition to your event by providing an excellent way to make your special day even more enjoyable and memorable…

Simple and Easy – Everything is Included!

We include many of the services that other photo booth companies charge extra.

Unlimited Photo Sessions

On-site Photo Booth Host

Your choice of enclosed booth or Open Air studio

Choice of Background colors

LED Lighting

Free Fun Props for Outrageously fun photos

We Specialize in Weddings!

We love to rock the photo booth at our weddings. We have a great time meeting all the guests and having fun making silly photos that everyone loves. We bring our dry erase boards and let your friends go crazy writing special messages to the newlyweds. Our photographs are guaranteed to make you laugh out loud and really bring out the personalities of your friends and family.

Bigger is Better!

It’s hard to fit more than 2-4 people in many photo booths, especially the old-fashioned ones. Yet photos of larger groups often become guests’ prized possessions. Our Photo Booths can fit very large groups.

You choose the size

Groups of 2 to 10

Your choice of backdrop color

The Best Photo Quality!

You will see the difference and so will your guests! Photo quality varies by company. With us you get BIGGER, CLEARER photos for your Memory Book and guests. Don’t settle for the old style grainy pictures – our state of the art cannon digital SLR cameras will give you sharp clear pictures every time.

The Pictures are Printed Fast…Really Fast!

We have the fastest photo booth printers on the market! Your guests won’t have to wait around and they’ll have more fun getting more pictures with our unlimited sessions.

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